The Level Up Development Series was created to drive a moment of change. It is a lifestyle with the purpose to create empowering beliefs through connection, authenticity, self-love, emotional integrity and service to others.


Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their maximum potential through emotional integrity, self-love and learning to rewrite their life experiences.​


Our vision is to help create legions of self-empowered individuals who are completely in control of their lives and destinies, enabling them to get what they desire from this life, experiencing it to their fullest, most liberating potential. Through these hosts of self-empowered, and self-aware individuals, we will see families that communicate with more love, trust, and caring for one another, businesses that thrive in ways never before thought possible, and friendships that reach new heights.


Emotional Integrity – When our thoughts, feelings, and actions are in unison, we are in emotional integrity, and we are living in the present moment.

Self-love – This is a practice that I must become disciplined to take direct action upon on a daily basis, and I will learn that I have it.

Authenticity – To be my true, authentic self, I must face fears and learn to stand in my power. It is then that I will come to know who I truly am.

Humility – When we act right-sized, not inferior, or superior to anyone, we practice equality, love for others, and self-love just the way we are.

Acceptance – If I cannot love it or enjoy it, I can at least learn to accept it. This is an axiom which will free us from suffering. Acceptance is always the solution.

Gratitude – Learning to be grateful for what we have and have had is a path to empowerment, enlightenment and peace.

Service to Others – When we give openly, we receive freely. Through learning to give to others we learn to gain a beautiful life for ourselves.