Mind blowing, life-changing, rejuvenating experiential therapy and self exploration.

Over the weekend, our students are taken through a multitude of exercises in a comfortable and relaxing indoor setting, given group activities and tasked with specialized and personally tailored therapeutic challenges created to push one from their comfort zone and explore new horizons. Some of these activities are physical, so it is recommended to dress comfortably, and to bring a sweater just in case it might get too cold indoors. Students will learn about areas in their lives which have their gone overlooked or stagnated due to an inability to overcome select obstacles or touching on certain subjects. Topics such as personal and professional boundaries, victimhood, and psychological recreation of habitual setbacks will be expanded upon. Students will join and create various team settings to establish how they currently communicate with each other, and how they can better focus their energy to communicate effectively and work powerfully in a team setting.

If we want what we’ve never had before, we have to do what we’ve never done before. Similar actions yield similar results, so our students can expect to be engaged in manners they might have been too shy to touch on and prompted to participate in ways they might feel emotionally uncomfortable with in order to expand the frontiers of their minds, potential of their abilities, and find comfort in discomfort, watching themselves standing in areas of power never before seen.