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I experienced a weekend full of life changing moments this past weekend! I dealt with emotions and situations in my life that had been holding me back for 20+ years! I am, by no means “cured” but I am different! I am improved! I am powerful once again! Self-improvement is something EVERY SINGLE HUMAN on this earth needs to do as much as possible!

I am at a new point where I am seeing so clearly what I have been doing to myself for years, the demons I have allowed to creep around me in the form of “besties”, “girlfriends” and “coworkers”. It’s just so amazing to see a bit clearer today than I did last week and I just wanted to share with everyone that wants to accept this.

STOP worrying on what/who’s around you and worry about YOURSELF! STOP doing for others if you can’t do for YOURSELF! STOP loving others if you can’t love YOURSELF! You don’t see it now, but if you can do for you what you’re trying to do for the world, than YOU’RE the problem not THEM! #LevelUp
Level Up is a great experience and something I hope to do again in the near future. It was worth every penny, tear, smile, and a few days of no voice. Ive been able to apply what I learned and it has helped many areas of my life. Ultimately, it created a new spark of motivation in me to keep digging deep.

Highly recommend it to everyone specially those feeling stuck.
Team building, empathy, understanding myself and others! Such an enlightening course.
Absolutely life-changing. When I took this course for the first time I had no idea what I was walking into. It's the hardest experience to describe. In short, it brought me to so many places emotionally and helped me identify how to heal years of trauma.

I've made revolutionary changes in my life that those around me notice. My career is blossoming, I'm building more meaningful connections and overall I feel energized. I can't wait to return.